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You know you are finally learning when…

Over the years, working as a web developer, I have noticed a repeating pattern during my continuing education. For example, in my early days of working with CSS, it occurred to me I should really start keeping a library of patterns I used all the time. Something that would get me up and running as… continues

The story of a band, a letter, and a t-shirt

Swamp Terrorists are one of my favorite post-industrial / electro / aggrotech / whatever-you-want-to-call-it bands. Yes, it is a silly name; extracted from the two members’ previous bands, Strangler Of The Swamp and The Disco Terrorists. Just think, the alternative could’ve been Disco Stranglers. It is up for debate whether that is any better. I… continues


This site started many years ago as a Movable Type weblog with pages of super-insecure PHP all wrapped up in a JavaScript bow from Adobe called Spry (anyone remember Spry? I sure don’t.) It really was a result of whatever I could get to work. I specifically remember trying to install WordPress, failing, and then… continues

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