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Subsonic: Now Playing displayed on a web page.

For release, a quick script I created that checks a Subsonic server for Now Playing information and displays it on a web page.

There’s nothing too complicated here. It just checks the server every 8 seconds and updates the page as necessary. Not a whole lot of error checking either. And definitely not secure as it sends authentication in the clear.

Maybe I will lock it down a little pending extra time. For now, it works well for my usage.

Here is my setup, with an old monitor mounted high on the wall. Playing Wumpscut at the moment:

Get it at GitHub.

Update: I’ve found that leaving this running eventually causes the computer to basically grind to a halt. Probably has to do with how often it checks the Sonos device. I will have to rewrite that part.

last modified on December 5, 2022

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