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You know you are finally learning when…

Over the years, working as a web developer, I have noticed a repeating pattern during my continuing education. For example, in my early days of working with CSS, it occurred to me I should really start keeping a library of patterns I used all the time. Something that would get me up and running as quickly as possible, taking all the tedious work out of buttons, forms, etc. Guess what, here’s a new framework called Bootstrap.

Well, Bootstrap is great, but it’s resulting in bloated CSS and has way too much unnecessary stuff in it. I like to write by adding utility classes to elements. It is so much faster. Oh, you say that there’s a new framework for that? Tailwind; I see.

On the PHP side of things, I am starting to dislike how messy everything looks. All those ‘<?php ?>’ tags. Functions littered throughout the site files. A real chaos of code. Guess what? In my opinion, Laravel (and more specifically Blade) addresses all those issues.

Do you see the pattern here? I learn something, I use it for a long enough time in the real world to identify parts of the process that could be improved, and then I discover that a new tool exists that does just about exactly what I envisioned as an improvement.

It’s an exciting process, because it is at this point I feel like I am actually learning and successfully applying that new knowledge; and that I am on the same path that many others have taken. I know I understand something when I can identify limitations and their correspondent improvements. I place this high on the scale of the pleasures of learning. Not quite as high as those elusive ‘A Ha!’ moments, but certainly in the top five.


last modified on September 1, 2021

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