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This site started many years ago as a Movable Type weblog with pages of super-insecure PHP all wrapped up in a JavaScript bow from Adobe called Spry (anyone remember Spry? I sure don’t.) It really was a result of whatever I could get to work. I specifically remember trying to install WordPress, failing, and then settling on Movable Type because I could figure out how to install it locally. Looking back, it’s somewhat embarrassing, especially knowing what I know now. But I guess that is one of the best ways to learn: fail at it first. What can I say? I was an amateur back then.

So now I’ve got the time and motivation to redo the entire site as WordPress, which is what I use daily in work life. That “famous five-minute install?” More like 30 seconds at this point.

The most popular section of the site, Infernal Device will remain. I may or may not change some of the entries. Looking back it from this point in time, a lot of the writing is cringeful. The graphics will stay the same. I have no time to even consider revisiting them. Who knows where the original files are? I haven’t opened Maya in 5 years. Of course, you may still purchase the fruit of those labors at Amazon. It’s a great conversation starter, if nothing else.

The rest, I am setting on fire and then bludgeoning to death with one of those big carpet beater things.

I could only be so kind.

carpet beater

last modified on August 31, 2021

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