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Judas Cradle

The anus, in the vagina, under the scrotum (the ‘taint’) or under the coccyx is where the peak of this wooden pyramid found itself. A metal belt was wrapped around the victim and then he or she was hoisted atop the point of the pyramid. The torturer could modify the pressure upon their tender areas by raising or lowering the victim.

In Italian it was the culla di Guida, in German the Judaswiege, and the French broke from tradition and called it la veille – “the wake” or “nightwatch”.

Judas Cradle

Trivia & Comment

In 1993, Sugar recorded a song called Judas Cradle on the album Beaster.
In 1995, Spahn Ranch recorded a song titled The Judas Cradle for their album The Coiled One.

Judas Cradle
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