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Tragic Dog Baby / Industrial Strength Stupidity

From the years of 1993-1994, I was involved with a band project called Tragic Dog Baby. We recorded a few songs on a 4-track recorder. We produced around 15 copies on tape. Here is the result, download as you wish. A video exists for I’m A Nice Guy.

“Industrial Strength Stupidity”

1 Intro
2 Prozac Attack
3 I’m a Nice Guy
4 Lollapaloser
5 Laugh While You Can
6 Thief
8 Wendigo
9 Outro

Tragic Dog Baby – Industrial Strength Stupidity – 128k mp4

One member of the band – Mars – is now writing and performing in Crowdkontrol, which is highly recommended. Please take some time to check him out. You won’t be disappointed.

Tragic Dog Baby Sun tabloid cover

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