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This is pure evidence that it doesn’t take a lot of talent to produce a sequence of sounds in a fashion that some may call ‘music’.

From the years of 1993-1994, I was involved with a band project called Tragic Dog Baby. We recorded a few songs on a 4-track recorder. We produced around 15 copies on tape. Here is the result, download as you wish. A video exists for I’m A Nice Guy.

“Industrial Strength Stupidity”

01 Intro
02 Prozac Attack
03 I’m a Nice Guy
04 Lollapaloser
05 Laugh While You Can
06 Thief
07 TDB
08 Wendigo
09 Outro

One member of the band – Mars – is now writing and performing in Crowdkontrol, which is highly recommended. Please take some time to check him out. You won’t be disappointed. Yours truly provided the basis of the illustration for his second album. I also provided artwork, which he ultimately did not use.

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