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31 days of horror 2021. day ten.

HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES (2003) That’s a lot of corpse. This is essentially an art school project with a large budget. It would be perfect for a drive-in theater, if those were still a thing.

31 days of horror 2021. day nine.

THE ENTITY (1982) It looks like this Entity is a 10-second man. I get that it is supposed to be a metaphor, but come on. I guess he’s been in a dry spell. As they say, he is dropping his candy before he gets into the theatre. He lets his boys out early. I really… continues

31 days of horror 2021. day eight.

THE NIGHT HOUSE (2020) A ghost story that makes best use of the creep factor. It’s what you don’t see that is the most frightening. On the other hand, it sets up an intriguing mystery but fails to provide a payoff. It’s probable that the whole thing has a deeper meaning that misses the mark.… continues

31 days of horror 2021. day seven.

LIKE DOGS (2021) Well what can you say about this one. We heard you like twists so we’re taking your twist and putting a twist in it, so you can twist while you twist. Or something to that effect. It is not a particularly good movie. Something I would’ve watched at 2:30 AM after being… continues

31 days of horror 2021. day six.

THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI (1920) The typeface in these title cards, simply amazing: There are at least three computer font faces that take this typeface as inspiration, with varying degree of quality: Caligari Pro Dr. Caligari Caligari One thing about the Doctor: it looks like he shanked Mickey Mouse and stole his gloves. Du… continues

31 days of horror 2021. day five.

THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD Something I never noticed before: the intro title is the same as the intro title in John Carpenter’s remake. This title was way ahead of its time. It looked great then and it still looked awesome in the remake. And here’s some people re-creating it just like they did in… continues

31 days of horror 2021. day four.

WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING If you don’t have enough stress in your life and you’d like to watch people scream at each other for 90 minutes, have I got the movie for you. This is a film I just don’t ‘get’.

31 days of horror 2021. day three.

WEREWOLVES WITHIN So the elevator pitch for this movie seems to have been “It’s Northern Exposure meets Werewolves!” Throw in some Agatha Christie, add a dash of paranoia; some small-town angst, et voilà. As kooky as the premise sounds, it actually works somewhat well, shaping up into a decent mid-sized horror comedy. There’s some romantic interest… continues

31 days of horror 2021. day two.

CENSOR Watching this, I couldn’t help but think that surely there must be censors who love genre films and thoroughly enjoy their work. At some point though that enjoyment must turn into tedium and it devolves into yet another job. So this ended up being one of those films with a deeper meaning I just… continues

31 days of horror 2021. day one.

AKA Let’s watch a horror movie from the Plex server that has a decently high rating. ANTRUM (2020) The movie is framed around a lost film called ‘Antrum’, that causes the death of everyone who watches it. There’s a few introductory interviews where the subjects relate all the tragedies related to screenings of the film.… continues

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