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31 days of horror. day twenty.

PRINCE OF DARKNESS (1987) John Carpenter at his best. Everything is here. Creepy, cosmic horror. Secretive organizations of the church doing scientific work. Donald Pleasance, Alice Cooper, Jesus-was-an-astronaut, and plenty of defenestrations! In fact, this movie probably has the most defenestrations of any film in the 80s. A worthy feat, to be sure. This is… continues

31 days of horror. day nineteen.

HALLOWEEN KILLS (2021) Imagine if you will that H.P. Lovecraft describing every single detail of every single cosmic horror in his mythos. The Mad Arab gets a lengthy backstory. Every page and spell in the Necronomicon is recounted. That’s a fair description of all these modern reboots / remakes / requels like Halloween Kills. Unnecessary,… continues

31 days of horror. day eighteen.

SESSION 9 (2001) One of David Caruso’s attempts at making it big in the world of film. I wonder if people ever ask him to ‘do that thing with the sunglasses, man.’ By the way, I am pretty sure that’s not how electricity works. That guy was this close to outrunning the power outage.

31 days of horror. day seventeen.

EVENT HORIZON (1997) Yah! So my birthday. Another run around the sun. We’ll celebrate that with Event Horizon. The first thing I notice here is that the intro is sampled by Front Line Assembly. The sound of the computer readout. I don’t know offhand which song, but it is readily evident. Later on when Laurence… continues

31 days of horror 2021. day sixteen.

THE SECRET OF SINCHANEE (2021) Is the Sinchanee tribe a real thing? Not from what I can tell. I am still not 100% certain what the secret is. Is this one of those Native American Wendigo tales? Why do the evil spirits speak English?

31 days of horror 2021. day fifteen.

THERE’S SOMEONE INSIDE YOUR HOUSE (2021) Hate speech. Cancel culture. Micro-aggressions. These are the scary things for this generation. So you get a healthy slice of them from this film that thinks it is much more clever than it is.

31 days of horror 2021. day fourteen.

SAINT MAUD (2021) Everyone is losing their minds over this one. The festering-wound-that-never-heals-and-a-character-picks-at-it has become a cliché at this point. The real attraction to this one is the acting and most importantly, the sound track. That ending with a blast of sound is what really takes this one over the top. Well done.

31 days of horror 2021. day thirteen.

A CLASSIC HORROR STORY (2021) Alright then. It is setting itself up with that title. You remember Italian Spiderman? Well, this is Italian Midsommar. Sort of. Come on, I really wanted that joke to work.

31 days of horror 2021. day twelve.

3 FROM HELL (2019) I wonder if people that pay little attention to mass media ever think that this was some kind of a sequel to From Hell. There’s not much to recommend here. It’s very obvious that Sid Haig was intended to take a lead role, but his health was failing. If he had… continues

31 days of horror 2021. day eleven.

THE DEVIL’S REJECTS (2005) The second from Mr. Robert Zombie’s œuvre. An interesting side-note about Sid Haig. Back when Infernal Device was getting media attention (website and book), I was interviewed by Girls And Corpses for a short featurette – ‘The Lighter Side of Torture’. Mr. Haig was also a feature in that month’s issue.… continues

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