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31 days of horror 2021. day five.


Something I never noticed before: the intro title is the same as the intro title in John Carpenter’s remake. This title was way ahead of its time. It looked great then and it still looked awesome in the remake. And here’s some people re-creating it just like they did in the original.

I have not read Who Goes There?, the novella that inspired both versions of the film, but I think that the alien is a shapeshifter in the story. Effects like that were well beyond Hollywood’s capabilities in the 50s, so instead we get a James Arness in platform shoes. It’s still a great film for the time and set the stage for films with that feeling of paranoia that followed.

An observation: the news reporter character wears a full suit and tie in the middle of the Arctic, for the full run time. Now that’s a commitment to fashion.

last modified on October 4, 2021

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