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31 days of horror 2021. day one.

AKA Let’s watch a horror movie from the Plex server that has a decently high rating.

ANTRUM (2020)

The movie is framed around a lost film called ‘Antrum’, that causes the death of everyone who watches it. There’s a few introductory interviews where the subjects relate all the tragedies related to screenings of the film. They also mention that there are messages hidden in the film and subsonic sounds that cause feelings of unease. That is a real thing, but the movie isn’t clear on whether these are still in the film or not. It does however note that there are lots of images flashed on screen throughout, which apparently are subliminal.

The sparse story is about a kid looking for his recently-deceased dog at the Antrum; where Satan fell to Earth and entered hell. His sister told him the dog went to hell, so logically, that’s where he wants to go to look for her. That sounds much better than what you get.

There’s a few mentions throughout of Cerberus, the three-headed dog, the guard of the portal to hell. It’s funny, because every time I see the name Cerberus, I instead think of the comic Cerebus. Which itself was Cerberus misspelled. Savvy?

But what sound interesting as a theme – of a film with various hidden images, sounds, spells – just falls apart and results in a tedious experience. The camera work is on point, and the sound design works well, but it just doesn’t come together in any meaningful way. And that’s a real shame because the outline sounds great.

last modified on October 4, 2021

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