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outthereradio.pngI missed posting about this earlier, but there's an interesting podcast by Out There Radio (WUOG 90.5 Athens) that is now posted. I had a great time talking to these guys, especially since they are in the Atlanta/Athens area.

Episode 49: The Final Truth

page291.pngA very excellent interview with Page 291 has been posted. We talk about the process and ideas behind "Infernal Device", society's fascination with torture and the torture of sims. Not to be missed!
booksmall.jpgIf Torture is good for America, Erik Ruhling has just written the new Constitution! Join A Cappella Books to celebrate a night that promises to be nothing like water boarding.

Featuring ... INFERNAL DEVICE : Machinery of Torture & Execution, by Erik Ruhling

Torture has come back into the public spotlight thanks to recent actions by the US Government. But do you remember when torture was fun? Back when torture wasn't something we actually did, but read about in association with the Inquisition. Even Mel Brooks wrote a song extolling the virtues of a little pressure applied just right.

Back in the day, torture was a colorful profession. The names of those machines conjure vivid images. The Cat's Paw, The Heretic's Fork, The Mute's Bridle and The Spanish Tickler are just a few of the apparatus on display in Erik Ruhling's new book, Infernal Device: Machinery of Torture & Execution.

A Cappella Books celebrates the publication of Atlanta resident's Erik Ruhling's new book with an evening of music and mayhem at the Alcove Gallery in Avondale Estates. A Cappella favorite, Hub Cap City, will provide the musical entertainment.

"Now seems like the right time to look beyond the rhetoric and PC language and see what the history of torture can tell us about today's experience in our war on terror," says Frank Reiss, owner of A Cappella Books. "I also think the night's going to be a lot of fun."

In Infernal Device: Machinery of Torture & Execution ,Erik Ruhling assembles an unmatched array of torture tools invented exclusively for the infliction of pain and the ending of life, each carefully researched with an accompanying full-color, highly detailed rendering.


GALLERY HOURS : WED-SAT 12pm-7pm / SUN 12pm-4pm

2852 East College Ave Decatur GA 30030 [In between James Joyce Pub / Waffle House]

booksmall.jpgI'm doing a (I believe) pre-recorded interview with Sean Moncrieff today, for later airing. Will post later with further details.

booksmall.jpgAn interview with my publisher has been posted at Disinformation's webpage. We talk a little about the process of creating Infernal Device, as well as some of the more infamous and horrible devices; the readers' favorite and my favorites. Near the end, we discuss some of the more bizarre emails I've received over the years.