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All of the images and text contained in this website remain the sole property of me, Erik Ruhling. The images found in the 'Infernal Device' database may be used in an educational setting free of charge with an appropriate attribution, i.e. "image copyright Erik Ruhling, used with permission".

High-resolution, print quality versions of the images are also available, generally for a nominal fee. Please contact me with your request. In the past, I have supplied images for Maxim magazine, an academic book, and a traveling exhibition of torture methods and devices. I can also be persuaded to create custom images - drop me a line and make your request!

occasionalhell.com is being updated and redesigned in anticipation of the release of "Infernal Device." As such, some links may be broken and images may have been moved from their original location. Please be patient and check back from time to time - if you notice a glaring omission or problem, please email erik@occasionalhell.com.